How to Create Effective PowerPoints for Teaching

How to Create Effective PowerPoints for Teaching

Happy Tuesday,

If you read last week’s post, you’ll know why it’s a great idea to use PowerPoint in your teaching.  If not, you can read that post here.

Go ahead and open PowerPoint and create a new document.  I always title mine based on the what unit, week, and day we’re on.  I also add the essential question or skill I’m teaching.  The example below is based on the Wonders reading program by McGraw Hill.

To add the background, you can pick from any of the pre-installed ones to keep it simple.  If you have a picture you’d like to use, click on Format Background, Picture or texture fill, File, and then select the picture you’d like to use.  Make sure you click Apply to All so your picture will automatically be applied to all slides.  Next, add your title and any other information you’d like on the first slide.

Next, I use my teacher’s edition (TE) to see what skills I need to cover that day and make a slide for each one.  I add animations on most of my slides so the students don’t see all of the information at once.  This way I can click and show what I want them to see.

First up in my TE is Phonemic Awareness.

Next up is the phonics skill with some words to practice.  When I didn’t use PowerPoint, I would have had to search for where these words were listed, or write them on the board.  This way, once they’re added they’ll be there every time I teach this unit in the future.

Next, I add in the spelling words, high frequency words, and vocabulary words.  No more searching for the cards.  They’re all listed and ready to teach.

Then I add in our writing activity and grammar skill.  Again, instead of stopping in the middle of teaching to write the sentences on the board, they’re already here and ready to go.  TOTAL TIMESAVER!

Finally, we end our Language Arts block with the Daily Wrap Up.  I love this time of day because the students are reflecting on their learning.  I hardly ever had time for this in the past because it took me so long to get through all the mini lessons.

I love how quick I get through my lessons.  It makes teaching so easy!  I also love that I don’t miss or skip anything because I just click my way through.

I’d love to hear if you have any questions or feedback.


PS.  If you teach first grade Wonders by McGraw-Hill, here’s the link to my store and all the work is done for you.